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CoSort (Data Transformation)

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The world's first commercial sort package off the mainframe continues to deliver maximum price-performance and functional versatility for manipulating huge files, tables, and other data sources.

IRI CoSort® is not only the world's #1 sort/merge utility, it is also a proven, user-friendly, one-stop "super tool" supported in Eclipse for easily performing, and accelerating.

Use CoSort and its powerful 4GL program and Eclipse GUI for:

  • legacy sort replacement and data migration projects
  • fast data warehouse ETL and ODS operations
  • very large database (VLDB) load and query acceleration
  • BI tool performance optimization; data governance
  • application performance improvement

Use CoSort to augment - or replace - existing ETL / sort / BI tools, 3GL and SQL programs, or batch and shell (Perl, Python, etc.) scripts.


Feature & Benefit



Multi-threaded sort, sum, and reformat engine

Speed, as multiple cores process big data together. A much lower-cost, and far more proven alternative to riskier and more complex platforms like Hadoop, in-memory or NoSQL DBs, DB and ELT appliances.

Single-pass sort, join, aggregate, report, and protect

Task, I/O, script, and vendor consolidation

Single-pass, single-script ETL for flat files, ODBC and bulk-loaded DBs

The data integration market's simplest, most price-performant ETL solution for big data warehouses

One easy 4GL for data definition, manipulation, and BI

No/low learning curve, self-documenting metadata for report generation, too.

Filtering, selection, de-duplication, segmentation

Bulk data reduction, customer data integration (CDI)

Multi-source joins, slowly changing dimensions, lookups

Built-in change data capture and BI

Built-in field protections (mask, encrypt, etc.) for PII, PHI

Combine data security with staging and reporting

Built-in test data generation capabilities

Easily move between production and testing

Free IRI Workbench GUI, built on Eclipse

Access, share and deploy data, metadata, and jobs

Replacements for COBOL, Unix, and other sort verbs

Save time and money without source conversion

Data type, endian, and file format conversion

Migrate mainframe and DB data

Expressions, validations, complex transforms

Bespoke data manipulation and discrete solutions

Mainframe sort and metadata converters

Migrate from costlier utilities and applications

Supports 24/34 COBIT v4 control objectives

Facilitate data governance and stewardship


IRI CoSort Use Cases

Task Consolidation Unlimited Mapping Database Acceleration
CoSort use case 2 CoSort use case 3
"CoSort runs our data filtering, sorting, merging, aggregating, and reformatting tasks together, and manages them all in one script we can easily understand and tweak." "CoSort moves data between massive file sources and targets efficiently. We can pre-sort to speed loads and create hand-off files for BI at the same time." We use CoSort for change data capture and offline reorgs -- improving performance 80%. It removes our data volume ceiling and speeds up queries."
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