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FACT (Data Extraction)

Published in IRI

A fast extract step can be a critical component of:

  • database archive and replication
  • database reorgs and migrations
  • data warehouse ETL, ELT, and ODS operations
  • offline reporting and bulk data protection


IRI Fast Extract (FACT™) is a parallel unload utility for very large database (VLDB) tables in:

  • Oracle
  • DB2 UDB
  • Sybase
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • Altibase
  • Tibero

FACT uses simple job scripts (supported in a familiar Eclipse GUI) to rapidly create portable flat files. FACT's speed comes from native connection protocols and proprietary split query logic that unloads billions of rows in minutes.

FACT also creates metadata for data definition files (.DDF) for IRI CoSort and its compatible data management and protection tools, as well as database load utility configuration files.

The automatic metadata creation -- and coexistence of other IRI software in the same IDE -- facilitates the specification, and combinatory execution, of immediate, or downstream: data transformation, protection, reporting, and (pre-sorted) load operations.

Feature & Benefit 



Uses native DB connection protocols

Faster data availability for archive, ETL, reorg, etc.

Multiple parallel unload methods

Speed tuning tailored to DB and multi-core conditions

Flat-file output

Data available for any app or DB

Automatic DDF and load config file creation

Eases ETL and offline reorg job design and execution

ETL documentation and demo project

Shows how to relieve DB of transform overhead

Column, date, and COBOL type conversion

Facilitates data and database migrations

Special COB, LOB, and LONG extract options

Sets apart data that should not be processed

Simple config and SQL SELECT syntax

Little to no learning curve required for product use

New job wizard in Eclipse GUI

Graphical table selection and extract spec definition

Offline reorg wizard in Eclipse

Auto-builds/batches FACT, CoSort, and bulk load scripts


IRI FACT Use Cases

FACT use case 1 FACT use case 2 FACT use case 3
"We have used FACT for almost 10 years to speed Oracle table unloads. We tried multiple alternatives and nothing could beat FACT’s extraction speed." "One of the keys to the rapid deployment and use of our transaction data is FACT. We could not meet our production deadlines without it." "FACT is an essential component of our banking application because it, along with CoSort, produces faster and cheaper results thanany ETL tool."

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