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Omni360/FISC Gateway

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Optimal Choice for Financial Companies in Interbank Connection TCP/IP Transposing Solution –FISC Gateway

FISC Gateway is a product designed by Azure Information Technology Co., Ltd. for the demand of connection with new financial interface. The product is fully compliant to the new interface specification of financial companies, supporting Socket ICON interface and MQ interface specification. FISC Gateway adopts Unix/Linux Box design that takes convenient installation and retention of high scalability and stability into consideration; which supports various connection protocols (such as SNA LU6.2, LU0,LU1, X.25, TCP/IP, SSL, Web Service, MQ, NEC OLF/TP) in flexibility as the connection interface between the bank’s core server and outer system.

FISC Gateway of Azure Information Technology is a product that has been operated in practice in the industry with simple installation, stable system and short establishment time, making the product a top choice for adoption by many domestic banks.

Comparison Table of Financial Connection Conversion Solutions

Solution Advantages Disadvantages
DLSw, X.25 Over TCP/IP Compatible Interface Adopting hardware solution without the need to modify software
  • Weaker performance than simple TCP/IP Adoption.
  • Compatible interface is a transition solution proposed by FISC.

Abolished by financial companies and no longer supported

EE Compatible Interface EE does not require modification on Server AP
  • Procurement price is expensive if the server does not contain EE function.
  • Compatible interface is a transition solution proposed by FISC.

Abolished by financial companies and no longer supported

Proprietary ICO interface and MQ Interface High speed through TCI/IP network transmission information
  • Adopting software change and need to procure TCP/IP communication interface modules and software
  • Need to change server application with high development and testing costs.
  • Server adopting TCP/IP needs to take external security into consideration.
  • Prolonged development and testing schedule do not comply with cost-benefit.
Azure Solution FISC Gateway
  • No need to change server AP
  • One conversion complies long-term planning of financial companies and avoids costs of two conversions.
  • Server terminal can adopt previous SNA communication to connect with FISC Gateway.
  • Achieving fast conversion to new architecture while retaining highly stable and flexible network structure.
  • Avoiding necessary development and testing issues related to server AP. Additional server module may be required for procurement.
  • Supporting all future communication methods.
  • Server only trusting in FISC Gateway with increased security.

We offer the following advantages and firmly believe that FISC Gateway products will bring substantial benefits to the connecting units.

★ First Online TCP/IP ICON supplier for financial companies

– Azure established the first online bank.

★ Supporting various operating systems, including AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Linux

– Offering multiple operating systems for branches to choose based on optimal requirement.

★ Adopted by multiple banks

– Eight banks already adopt the system with 10 years experience of actual operations.

★ Product design and short establishment schedule

– For mature products, the majority of projects only require installation, testing and online.

★ Rich experience in connection with large IBM servers

– Rich experience in SNA connection, including LU6.2, LU0, LU1.
– Development capacity in larger server programming (CICS, IMS) that can coordinate and adjust server programs.

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