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RowGen (Test Data)

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RowGen generates rows ... billions of rows of safe, intelligent test data in database, flat-file, and formatted reports targets ... without needing production data!

RowGen synthesizes and populates accurate, relational test data in the same table, file, and report layouts used in production. RowGen uses the metadata you already have (or create on the fly) to randomly generate structurally and referentially correct test data, and/or randomly select data from real sets.

RowGen allows you to customize data values, formats, volumes, ranges, distributions, and other properties on the fly, as re-useable rules, or later -- with or without its free Eclipse GUI. RowGen's use of the IRI CoSort engine also delivers the fastest generation, transformation, and bulk-load movement of big test data on the market.

RowGen was designed by data modeling, integration, and processing experts to save time and energy in the creation of perfect, compliant test data sets in modifiable table, file, and report formats. With RowGen, you are immediately ready for development, benchmarking, and outsourcing.


Feature & Benefit



Fast generation of billions of sorted rows

Creates data for full VLDB, EDW and ODS testing

Random data generation purely from metadata

Reduces complexity and risks from production data

Random selection of real data for testing

Enhances realism while still de-identifying PII

Easy-to-use 4GL and Eclipse GUI with wizards

Little to no learning curve and automatic job design

Generation metadata serialized in text scripts

Jobs are easy to modify, deploy, and re-use

Parses DB DDL and /or DDF metadata

Reduces errors and preserves metadata investment

Preserves referential integrity

Test data reflects production database/query behavior

CoSort engine inside 

Simultaneous transformation, pre-sorting, report/format

Custom data formats, value ranges, report formats

Enhances realism when testing applications


IRI CoSort Use Cases

High Volume, Referentially Correct Simultaneous Functional Testing Better than Production Data
RowGen use case 1 RowGen use case 2 RowGen use case 3
"RowGen generates 20GB tables with referential integrity for query testing. It eliminates production data access concerns and generates the volumes that reflect our growth." "RowGen is the only tool that supplies high volumes of test data on multiple operating systems and simultaneously manipulates the test data for application compatibility." "RowGen creates realistic PII and PAN data to support our OLTP app development and testing. It's the only tool that generates test files in the formats and sizes we need."
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