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Solace message routers unify many kinds of data movement so companies can efficiently and cost-effectively move all of the information associated with better serving customers and making smarter decisions.

Solace brings the consistent predictable performance of hardware to application messaging and data movement, which has traditionally been done in software. By using high-speed FPGAs and Network Processors to route and persist messages, Solace appliances offer 50-100x higher performance than software solutions, in terms of both throughput and latency and over LANs, WANs and the Web.


Reliable Message

  • Pub/Sub over TCP; no multicast hassles
  • fanout message rates of 24 million messages per second
  • average latency is as low as 22 microseconds for market data sized messages

Showing 17 million messages a second worth of equally balanced traffic, similar to what’s seen when integrating enterprise applications.


Guaranteed Delivery

  • On-board persistence supports; Most predictable platform for demanding real-time, persistent messaging use cases
  • 450,000 messages per second, and up to 1.6 million messages per second with fanout
  • 25 microseconds latency

This video featuring Solace product expert Mark Spielman demonstrates the high throughput and low latency of Solace message routers performing guaranteed messaging.


C, C#, JMS and WebSockets

  • Drop-in hardware-based JMS broker
  • Fastest non-persistent and persistent (10M and 150k)
  • Native WS/HTTP Termination and Web APIs


WAN Optimization

  • Global WAN distribution without extra hardware, gateways, daemons
  • 15-30x higher throughput with lowest, most consistent latency
  • ~80% payload compression
  • Many integrated WAN optimization features
  • Ideal for long haul, low bandwidth or unstable networks



  • High Performance: A hardware datapath with no OS handoffs or context switching enables low, consistent latency even during periods of high volume and volatility.
  • Low Complexity and TCO: As turnkey devices that enable many kinds of messaging with one API, Solace message routers are easy and cost-effective to deploy, operate, upgrade and scale.
  • Scalability: Modular architecture enables customization and makes it easy to scale capacity or add functionality over time without increasing the solution’s footprint.
  • High Availability: Redundant components and connectivity provide built-in high-availability, and mutually aware networked architecture provides fully-integrated fault tolerance for high availability.
  • Manageability: Solace message routers deliver information over discrete TCP connections which gives administrators granular visibility that lets them easily find and fix faults.


Types of Messages

  • Reliable Messaging: Solace message routers offer best-effort message delivery with consistently low latency even at very high volume.
  • Guaranteed Messaging: Solace uses a patented message queuing approach that enables guaranteed messaging an order of magnitude faster than software-based alternatives.
  • JMS messaging: Solace’s supports persistent and non-persistent JMS messaging with better performance, robustness and scalability than software-based brokers.
  • IPC Messaging: For scenarios where multiple applications run in a shared server environment, Solace supports IPC messaging with average latency under 400 nanoseconds.
  • MQ-Style Messaging: Solace message routers enable MQ-style messaging that’s faster and easier to deploy and manage than software-based alternatives.
  • WAN Messaging: Solace enables highly-optimized WAN distribution by sending information only where it’s needed, compressing messages and fanning out messages at the edge.
  • Web Messaging: Solace’s web messaging capability streams real-time data over the internet 50-200 times faster than competitive solutions.



Oracle GoldenGate offers real-time data synchronization across a wide range of database sources and destinations, and Solace messaging appliances enable the event-driven distribution of data between applications. Oracle GoldenGate customers can use Solace messaging appliances to distribute event-driven updates and real-time data streams to large numbers of recipients over local, wide area and mobile networks, and Solace customers can easily add real-time database updates to their consolidated event-driven architectures.



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